Gun Barrels

MATEBA makes the best gun barrels in the world thanks to:

1) Experience

MATEBA has years of experience designing and manufacturing WEAPONS.

Today, MATEBA produces a wide range of small arms for the best customers in the world:  carbines, D4 rifles. We also manufacture our own barrels in any caliber our customer asks.


The technology used by MATEBA in its barrel production process is the best possible.  We use high quality materials, the latest high-tech equipment, the most efficient industrial process, and we are sure that all our gun barrels are the most precise and long-lasting that a customer can find.

Our record tells that our products are the most innovative and reliable products available.

Quality Through Processes and Technology

MATEBA use an modern manufacturing processes so MATEBA barrels are surely  the best quality at the minimum cost with a long life.  Our barrels, hammer forged or button broached barrels are ready to be used. ,

Engineering Team

MATEBA engineering team is unique for knowledge and experience and can solve any customer request