Model MTB15 223 REM – for international market

Designed and manufactured in Italy.
Semi-auto – civil version
Caliber: .223 rem
Weight: 3,5 Kg
Type of barrel: M4 14,5”/ 368 mm ( threaded M 1/2-28TPI), with Flash hider
Total length with collapsible stock in max position: 34”/ 863 mm
Length with collapsible stock in close position: 31” / 787 mm
Maximum range: 3000 yard with 33,5° angle of departure
Maximum operative range: 600 yard
aluminum parts and steel treated to resist corrosion and abrasion. They can be used in sandy or wet areas.

included accessories:
1 Magazine
1 Tactical Sling with Swivels
1 Cleaning kit pack

Applicable accessories not included:
Night vision scope mount
Thermal sight
Night vision
Suppressed ( 1/2-28TPI)
Tactical Bipod